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The Spice Rack
The Spice Rack
The Spice Rack
The Spice Rack
The Spice Rack
The Spice Rack

The Spice Rack

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Add some spice to your life while you are on the road with our Nomad's Spice Rack!

Our 0.3KG portable hard-proof case, is the great addition of herbs and spices to help make cooking easier and tastier on the adventure.

Our premium lightweight cases are conveniently packed to allow for easy use and transportation.


* Premium Hard-Proof Case with Carabiner Clip * 8 Herbs and Spices * Cooking Oil *

All packed up into an 13cm by 13cm container with a caribena for easy clipping to your backpack, these 8 spices will add flavour to any of your favourite recipes. Say goodbye to the days of pasta and sauce, and start creating the meals you deserve.

The Spice Rack is the perfect eco-friendly cooking accessory with the kit being refillable and re-usable.

Our 8 spices come in the concept of little flip top tic-tac containers. After a poll, we filled them up with the 8 most common herbs and spices. However, they are refillable and can be filled up with your favourite flavours.

2 Large - 2.5cm x 10cm (Salt & Pepper)

6 Small - 2.5cm x 5cm (Cumin, Chilli Flakes, Curry, Garlic, Paprika, Mixed Herbs)

If you feel the spice rack might be to small and simple for your needs, please check out our larger kitichen kit here https://thenomadskitchens.com/products/the-nomads-kitchen

Perfect for back packers, campers, adventurers or anyone who loves add flavour to their food.

Happy Cooking :)