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The Nomads Kitchen

For Food Lovers On The Road

"Eat Well and Travel Often"

If there are two things we believe in it is TRAVEL and FOOD. This portable kitchen gives you all the tools you need to make food on the go. Whether you are off camping or staying at a hostel, our mix of utensils and spices are neatly stored in a travel sized case that will give you the freedom you need to help you make your favourite dishes. Check the product out below and to read our full story click the button.

What Comes With The Kitchen

Portable Case

Herbs and Spices

Chopping Board

Utility Knife

Foldable Spork

Permanent Marker



Microfiber Cleaning Towel

Cooking Oil

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Travelling Tastebuds

Make Food As Amazing as The Views

One Less Thing To Worry About

Take Us With You As You Make Memories