Our Story


Food and travel unite people like no other, the two go hand in hand. When visiting a new country or culture the best way to immerse yourself in it is by trying local food trucks, restaurants and supermarkets. Travel and food are our passion here at The Nomad’s Kitchen. Our company was born out of a real need our founder experienced whilst on his travels. When moving from place to place it is always difficult to predict what sort of cooking utensils and facilities hostels are going to provide and you never want to be left with nothing. Our individual portable kitchens allow for the best food preparation while taking up little to no space in your bag.

Travel communities become more than friends, they become a forever family. The Nomad’s Kitchen is more than just a product, it is a community! Our goal is to help other budding Nomads in any way possible and connect all those discovering & exploring throughout the world.⠀

The overall aim of THE NOMAD'S KITCHEN is to make your experience with food & cooking, while traveling, as easy and stress-free as possible. The Nomad team created this product because of the struggles we faced with unknown ingredients and utilities while trying to cook on the road.⠀

We hope The Nomad’s Kitchen brings excitement back to your taste buds and enjoyment back to your cooking wherever you are in the world.⠀

We wish you the greatest journey wherever that may be. 


~The Nomads Kitchen Team⠀