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Do you know someone who always forgets their cutlery?


The portable cutlery kit is a convenient and practical solution for eating on the go. It includes a fork, knife, teaspoon & straw made of durable, lightweight materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The kit also comes with three essential condiments - salt, pepper, and sugar - making it perfect for work lunches, hiking and camping trips.

The compact size of the kit allows for easy storage and transport, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious meal wherever they go. The kit is eco-friendly and reusable, making it a great alternative to disposable utensils.



>1 Slim line hard-proof case

>1 Knife

>1 Fork

>1 Tea Spoon

>1 Metal Straw

>3 Condiments (Sugar, Salt, Pepper)

Size: 24cm x 7cm x 5cm

Weight: 290grams

Fantastic gift for people to take with them to work, hiking, wild camping, festivals, travelling, basically anywhere!!!